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Web hosting and web-based application services


Web hosting and web-based application services provide 24-hour maintenance, security on servers and storage of backup copies.  In addition, each web site will be monitored by an independent monitoring system.

We provide support for the most popular technologies used to maintain web sites.
We ensure a high level of security, such as in banks responsible for electronic transactions.


The service is addressed to companies, local government institutions, public administration units and other organizations  seeking support for the maintenance of web sites and web-based applications.

Please feel free to contact us, if your Company:

  • has a dedicated web-based applications written for a Linux or Windows platform
  • has web sites developed based on WordPress, Joomla CMS
  • puts great emphasis on the security of access to applications and data
  • due to the specific nature of business requires access to data via the web from anywhere
  • sees risks related to theft or loss of equipment in view of access to data
  • has problems with the performance and stability of the current web hosting environment
  • has problems with the updating of web pages and applications
  • plans to deploy new web-based applications


  • defining the business and functional requirements of the project
  • analytical services related to the preparation of a feasibility study (PoC)
  • preparing the budget assumptions and implementation schedule
  • supplying hardware and software
  • implementing the service in accordance with the accepted work progress and payment schedule
  • implementation and post-implementation assistance
  • 24-hour monitoring of web pages based on modern monitoring systems
  • assistance with newly created web pages in terms of technology selection
  • optionally - creating web pages
  • security management based on the ISO 27001 and ITIL standards

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  • Aplitt Data Centers



  • consulting
  • web hosting and web application services
  • migration of web sites and applications from the existing hosting
  • maintenance and optimization
  • monitoring




 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • increasing the level of security of corporate data by application of the ISO 27001 standard and the ITIL methodology
  • reducing the risk of data loss in case of a failure or deliberate action
  • ability to back up data before updating the site or application in case of rollback and automatic return to the state before the implementation
  • guaranteed security as for an e-banking application
  • application monitoring on a 24/7/365 basis with the possibility of prompt response of administrators to events
  • updating components to the new version of security-related systems: SSH -SSL, Linux - Kernel, Windows Server

 komfort COMFORT
  • ability to create multiple scenarios of deployment and migration of web sites and applications depending on the client’s needs
  • specialists offering help in case of technical or legal problems
  • effective use of the allocated resources and their optimization
  • possibility of deployment at night hours without interruptions of the client’s work

 komfort COSTS
  • ability to host multiple web applications on one machine
  • reduction of human resources during deployments
  • ability to implement a solution as a service without incurring any costs for the purchase of hardware or software
  • limiting business losses resulting from the inability to carry out orders due to a failure of the infrastructure

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