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Conducting business analysis, requirements analysis is necessary in any organization that begins to expand or change the existing processes or software, or is at the stage of selecting new software. Identification and modelling of the existing processes in an organization, defining clear requirements is the key to the success of every new project of changes in an organization.

We use methods of analysis following the internationally recognized standards of the Object Management Group. As a working tool, we use the professional CASE software to assist in documenting the results of the analysis and projects, as well as the very process of performing the analysis.


The service is addressed to companies, local government institutions, public administration units and other organizations.

Please feel free to contact us, if your Company:

  • treats optimization of current business processes as a strategic objective to achieve a competitive advantage
  • treats maintaining or increasing the dynamics of the organization’s development as a strategic objective
  • expects optimization in the use of the existing resources
  • needs to automate the circulation and exchange of information
  • requires unification of all areas of the company’s operation within the framework of optimal business processes
  • needs advice in choosing the IT system
  • needs a specification of requirements for software for the client and providers
  • needs support in the preparation of requests for proposals for new software


  • analysis and modelling of the organizational structure of the enterprise
  • clear determination of the defined terms used in the organization
  • analysis and modelling of the existing business processes taking place in the organization
  • developing models to optimize current business processes
  • preparing a specification of requirements for software
  • support of experienced analysts during the implementation, testing, deployment of software
  • creating the process change management policy in the context of further development of the IT systems

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  • client premises throughout Poland
  • Aplitt premises
  • remotely 



  • consulting




 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • increasing the level of security and stability of conducting business

 komfort COMFORT
  • clear definition of the responsibilities of the specific participants in the process as part of its implementation
  • clear expectations in light of launching projects and communication with providers
  • the possibility to measure key process indicators for the functioning of the organization

 komfort COSTS
  • Reducing the costs related to implementation of business processes
  • Optimal use of the existing resources
  • Shortening the time required for the implementation of business processes
  • Elimination of gaps and repetitions in the target models of business processes

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