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Every contact with a Customer matters


Because the Customer is important
We take special care to ensure that in each call the Customer in not only heard but listened to. We treat the Interlocutor as a partner, we make a proper analysis of needs, we present the best solutions  - this increases the feeling of comfort perceived both by the Customer and the Consultant.

Good preparation of the Consultant  = a good result
Before the Service is provided we organize training for selected Consultants. Workshops include the subject-related issues and the training of how to conduct calls. The tests in subject-related knowledge and the ongoing monitoring of quality by the playback of recordings from time to time by Instructors enable to maintain the highest standards at each stage of providing the Service.

Below three Campaigns are presented:

Personalized Offer - for regular Customers

General Offer - to increase the number of Customers

Arrangement of Business Meetings - for those who want to establish new contacts


Please feel free to contact us if your Company:

  • plans to increase profits / the level of effectiveness
  • wants to increase recognizability
  • prioritizes comprehensive solutions and high quality of customer service
  • wants to outsource the sale of a product / service to professionals


  • determination of business expectations Configuration of the ICT facilities
  • preparing training materials
  • preparing conversation scenarios and a dedicated “relational path”
  • Monitoring the Service quality and implementation
  • recording and storage of calls
  • a detailed report of actions taken



miejsce realizacji uslugi 


  • relational nature of calls
  • probing the customer
  • open questions



  • increasing the sales results
  • creating a positive image of the company


The fact that sale by telephone although is an extremely effective method is not well perceived by Consumers is no longer a taboo subject. And already the very expressions: sale by phone, telephone marketing, telemarketing, telesales, telemarketer, telephonist - can trigger negative associations.

Therefore, based on the knowledge and experience of our Specialists in customer service we have developed unconventional business model changing the way of thinking of telemarketing.

Customers are very demanding, we know it because we ourselves are customers, too. In a telephone call there is no space for dubious arguments or ready-made statements read from a sheet of paper.

As the Call Center which is distinguished by the relational manner of making a conversation with the Customer, we know that the basis for an effective conversation is first of all free communication. -more-


An effective alternative to the full offer presentation.

We are flexible in developing dedicated Services. Apart from the actions targeted at convincing the Customer to use the Product or Service we can propose a shorter version of calls which is an alternative to the Service based on the full presentation of a personalized offer.

While providing the Service our Team of Consultants will present the activities of your Company in a conversation with the Customer to encourage him/her, after the subject-related introduction, to become familiar with details of your offer.  

Training materials developed by experienced Instructors contain not only tips for a relational call but also proven methods allowing the effectiveness of telemarketing activities to be increased.


The Arrangement of Business Meetings Service is an extremely effective method of winning a new Customer. As part of this Service making a phone call is the first and the most important step on which the degree of the Interlocutor’s interest depends. Great responsibility lies with the Consultants. The continuous improvement of qualifications, participation in dedicated courses of training, tracking trends on the market is therefore a must.

In each call the dedicated Consultants aim at accomplishing the goal which is to arrange a meeting.

As the Service is characterized by a higher degree of difficulty, the calls are of special nature. Apart from the appropriate self-presentation by an unconventional way of starting a call, Consultants, already when starting the dialogue, aim at building positive relations and gain trust of the Customer. We know that only a reliable Consultant is able to win a Customer over as to the proposed solution. A factor which has impact on the achievement of success is also the appropriate attitude of the Consultant - self-confidence and belief in the information passed.-more-


 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • two locations which ensure continuity of Service
  • conversation scenarios reviewed by the Legal Department
  • complete reports tailored to your needs (optionally: tailored to the Client’s needs)
  • playback, assessment and storage of recordings to constantly improve the quality

 komfort COMFORT
  • effective form of presentation of the Company
  • positive impact on the brand image
  • relational nature of calls increasing the effectiveness of actions
  • possibility to define the scope and duration of the Service by Clients themselves
  • gaining new Customers

 komfort COSTS
  • possibility to reduce costs significantly
  • transparent billing system Training and improvement of qualifications of the Consultants doing the Service included in the project price

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