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Continuous development is a part of everyday business and in accordance with our philosophy it sets the standard for the Contact Center industry


Each solution which is proposed by us is preceded by a comprehensive legal analysis that includes verification of the scope of the Service and the methods used when carrying out the order. We care about the security of our Business Partners’ interests, therefore, already at the Campaign design stage we consult the planned activities with the Legal Department. On the basis of the provisions of the law we indicate potential threats and set practical and effective ways for the provision of Services. The methods applied by us in providing Services in respect to legal issues are always the optimal solution corresponding to the applicable legal provisions.
The intensive development of the Contact Center industry translates to the rapid pace of changes in legislative regulations in this respect. We continually monitor the legal environment which guarantees the knowledge of the latest legislative acts and commentaries on the acts. The experience and professionalism of experts ensure proper interpretation of the provisions of law. If necessary we can provide assistance in preparing the contents of the required statements made by telephone. We share the knowledge in respect of the structure of the relevant clauses and objections with our Partners.


Owing to the use of expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies we process thousands of data every day. We categorize the collected information taking into account the priorities of our Business Partners who receive summary results presented also in a clear graphic form. The statistical analyses conducted by us have practical application in business.

Each project is preceded by a thorough effectiveness and efficiency forecast. Owing to such actions the Campaign objectives are set out in such a way as to achieve the highest possible level of the business goal accomplishment. While carrying out our activities the ongoing monitoring of results takes place. The project finalization includes a thorough data analysis.


Information on the price of our services are as transparent as the reports of the actions undertaken. Already at the stage of presenting commercial information the Client receives a cost estimate for the ordered Contact Center project which makes it possible to analyze whether the cooperation will be cost-effective. We do not use complicated algorithms depending on many variables in price calculations presented to prospective Clients.

When contacts are strengthened it is possible to get attractive discounts owing to which you can get the highest quality for a good price. We share know-how with our business Partners while working on the detailed objectives of the Campaign without any additional charges for the consulting. The dates and forms of payment can be flexibly aligned with the preferences of our Business Partners.


We ensure the appropriate level of data protection due to using secure ICT tools, training, internal procedures, manuals and good practices. Each employee undergoes the relevant training and is given authorization to process personal data the scope of which depends on the duties performed.

The set of everyday good practices of all the Team Members makes it possible to eliminate potential threats related to the security of confidential data. We take care that each employee has the required theoretical knowledge and can use the acquired information concerning the security of personal data in practice. We practise the ability to diagnose potential threats and eliminate the risk immediately.
We have implemented internal organizational solutions which immediately warn the Management Staff of the potential risk.






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