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An individual approach brings the best results


The fast pace of change, specialization and uniqueness of the business profile of our Business Partners were the inspiration for us to develop the Service Wizard.

This innovative solution allows flexible configuration of the Contact Center Services according to the preferences.  With the ability to modify the project objectives, extend the criteria and adjust all parameters to the Business Partner’s expectations we are ready to provide unconventional services.

We offer our Business Partners the possibility of accurate indication of expectations. We offer any combination of campaigns.


Please feel free to contact us if your Company:

  • seeks non-standard business solutions
  • wishes to use the services of experienced professionals
  • intends to increase recognizability
  • prioritizes comprehensive solutions and high quality of customer service
  • plans to gain new Customers and become more available for the existing ones


  • determination of business expectations
  • configuration of the ICT facilities
  • preparing training materials
  • preparing conversation scenarios and a dedicated “relational path”
  • monitoring the Service quality and implementation
  • recording and storage of calls
  • a detailed report of actions taken


miejsce realizacji uslugi 


  • possibility to customize the service



  • increasing effectiveness combined with quality and unconventional business approach


You can compose your Service now.
Just select the type of calls, and then specify the objectives and methods of action. The choice can be multiple. 


 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • two locations which ensure continuity of Service
  • complete reports tailored to your needs (optionally: tailored to the Client’s needs)
  • conversation scenarios reviewed by the Legal Department
  • playback, assessment and storage of recordings to constantly improve the quality

 komfort COMFORT
  • possibility to define the methods and way of provision of Services by Clients themselves 
  • learning the opinions and preferences of Customers
  • effective form of presentation of the Company
  • positive impact on the brand image
  • relational nature of calls increasing the effectiveness of actions
  • possibility to define the scope and duration of the Service by Clients themselves
  • consistency of information given to Customers
  • comprehensiveness of the Service

 komfort COSTS
  • low cost of the Service
  • transparent billing system
  • training and improvement of qualifications of the Consultants doing the Service are included in the project price

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