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Service Desk is software which is the end-user's point of contact with system engineers, administrators and other personnel of the IT Department providing support services. In many organizations this system is a decisive factor determining the speed and efficiency of processing of user requests. The role of the system includes:

  • registration, handling and archiving of all requests
  • initial verification of the request and submitting it to the relevant service technician
  • continuous monitoring of the progress of work on the orders including the possibility of their escalation
  • current information provided to users on the request status
  • reporting

Due to the technological advancement of the solutions used by Aplitt S.A. we are able to prepare and implement the Service Desk system in the IT Department of our partner or provide services related to registration and processing of requests on a monthly fee basis.


The service is addressed to companies, local government institutions, public administration units seeking consulting, implementation and maintenance support related to the Service Desk solutions.

Please feel free to contact us, if your Company:

  • expects to be able to register helpdesk requests in the central system
  • requires automation of the process of registration and handling of requests
  • wants to use tools and operating procedures complying with the ITIL in the daily operations
  • expects to have the possibility to control the licences purchased and used
  • needs to provide the user with an ergonomic tool for registration, tracking and reporting of requests
  • requires tools for advanced incident management and IT change management
  • understands the importance of the Service Desk tool as a means of shortening the waiting time for request fulfilment


  • defining the business and functional requirements of the project
  • analysis of the business processes taking place in the organization in the area of sales, customer service and marketing
  • preparation of pre-implementation analysis
  • delivery of licences and the necessary infrastructure to launch the service
  • implementation according to the analytical documentation
  • implementation assistance
  • training of users
  • post-implementation assistance

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  • client premises
  • Aplitt Data Centers
  • remotely



  • consulting
  • implementation
  • maintenance and optimization




 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • operation based on the latest ITIL standards
  • acquisition of a tool for management of IT incidents, problems and changes
  • full control of the policy of granting authorization to the data

 komfort COMFORT
  • full knowledge of the status of all requests at the central request registration point
  • knowledge of all IT resources in one place
  • control and ability to optimize the procedures for processing of requests along with full control of the fulfilment path
  • a wide range of analyses and reports to make appropriate business and investment decisions such as replacement of hardware

 komfort COSTS
  • optimization of the cost of the licences held through the possibility of SPLA and OLA management
  • ability to analyze the degree of use of the purchased licences to reduce the licence purchase cost
  • optimization of the cost and time required for registration of a request
  • reducing the costs related to a delay in request fulfilment or an unfulfilled request

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