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The service is to optimize the costs and procedures involved in the operation and production of documents, the costs related to the acquisition and maintenance of an adequate fleet of printers and multifunction devices and the costs related to ensuring the availability of the service by appropriate stock of supplies.


The service is addressed to companies, local government institutions, public administration units and other organizations  seeking solutions to monitor, manage and optimize the print, copy, scan or fax costs in the organization.

Please feel free to contact us, if your Company:

  • wants to reduce the cost of purchasing office supplies and paper
  • does not see any benefits of the print room solutions
  • has to provide users with the possibility of printing confidential materials for personal delivery
  • expects that a staff member can initialize printing of materials at location A and print them “for personal delivery” at location B
  • expects to have the possibility of giving authorization to users, for example, to print in colour or use additional functions of multifunction devices
  • uses fax communication to a large extent
  • does not have a defined print, copy or fax polity or the current policy is not optimal
  • wants to contribute to the natural environment protection and build up a positive image in this way


  • defining the business and functional requirements of the project
  • analysis of the equipment used, including workers or groups of workers
  • analysis of the number and type of operations to be performed on the printing or multifunctional devices
  • analysis of the costs related to the purchase of office supplies including the cost of storage
  • analysis of the costs of a failure and servicing the machine park
  • preparing a report of the works carried out with a set of optimization activities

miejsce realizacji uslugi 


  • client premises throughout Poland
  • Aplitt premises
  • remotely



  • consulting
  • implementation
  • maintenance and optimization
  • monitoring




 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • ability to control printouts and other materials subject to special monitoring
  • full control over the created printouts
  • increased security level of the printed information

 komfort COMFORT
  • no need to provide stocks of office supplies
  • increasing the mobility of the availability of print and fax services
  • providing the print, fax or copy service to the staff in an easy and transparent manner
  • providing the possibility to the staff members to quickly collect the printed material from any device in the network in the event of a failure or when the devices are busy without the need to reinitiate printing
  • access to electronic sending, receiving and distribution of fax messages

 komfort COSTS
  • reducing the print, copy, fax costs to the necessary minimum
  • reducing the costs related to the purchase of equipment and office supplies
  • change of costs allocation from CAPEX to OPEX
  • full control over the costs of printing

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