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The purpose of independent IT project management and implementation is to achieve the assumed business and functional objectives, keeping the schedule of works and optimization of costs arising from the project assumptions. The assumed results should be achieved in the most effective manner possible, while limiting and eliminating all risks occurring at the level of the entire life cycle of an IT project.


The service is addressed to companies, local government institutions, public administration units and other organizations searching for independent support related to planning, supervision or verification of correctness of IT investments and projects.

Please feel free to contact us, if your Company:

  • does not have the resources required to carry out independently such high risk projects as IT projects
  • has only the resources deployed fully to carry out the main business activity
  • recognizes the benefits of independent supervision of conducted works
  • wants to benefit from proven practices and methodologies of project implementation
  • expects formal and legal support related to project implementation
  • expects to have full control of the project budget


  • defining the business and functional requirements of a project
  • project feasibility analysis and planning
  • project team organization
  • coordination of activities of individuals and companies collaborating in project implementation
  • preparing the summary of functional requirements and the schedule of works
  • supervision of the project proper implementation in terms of the schedule
  • support of your staff in the performance of project works
  • organization of the work of cooperating parties involved in the project implementation
  • supporting the innovation of the implemented project
  • preparation, maintenance and supervision of project documentation
  • support in preparation of the formal and legal documentation related to the project execution
  • support in the acceptance of individual project stages

miejsce realizacji uslugi 


  • client premises throughout Poland
  • Aplitt premises
  • remotely 



  • consulting
  • maintenance and optimization




 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • reducing the risk connected with implementation of projects in the conceptual, financial and time aspects
  • guarantee of completion of activities aimed at closing the project successfully, and most importantly, closing it on time without exceeding the assumed budget
  • support in the legal and formal aspects of the project implementation
  • many years of experience and hundreds of successfully implemented projects guarantee full support for strategic interests related to the project

 komfort COMFORT
  • impartiality that ensures, in case of contentious issues, the maintenance of appropriate relations between your company and providers
  • gaining access to highly specialized knowledge accumulated in our team delegated to carry out the project
  • support for the legal and formal aspects of the project implementation
  • access to the know-how and experience of the team of more than 500 highly qualified and trained professionals 

 komfort COSTS
  • reducing your staff involvement in activities not related to the performance of their core duties to the required minimum
  • reducing the risks related to exceeding the assumed project budget
  • access to proven tools to reduce the project cost, while maintaining the desired project quality
  • reducing the costs related to a delay in project launching

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