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The knowledge and experience of our staff provides a wide range of services for infrastructure monitoring. Defining the project business and functional requirements will allow us to determine the expected scope of the infrastructure monitoring service.

It is possible to:

  • conduct reactive monitoring (an event occurs, the client is informed about it)
  • conduct proactive monitoring (information is sent to the client before the event occurs)
  • conduct monitoring of business services comprising many elements of the infrastructure (databases, LAN/WAN or SAN infrastructures, application servers, ActiveDirectory, or virtualization environments)
  • developing dedicated monitoring solutions tailored to the client’s requirements and needs
    delivery of licences and the infrastructure needed to launch the service
  • implementation according to the analytical design
  • implementation assistance
  • training of users
  • post-implementation assistance


The service is addressed to companies, local government institutions, public administration units and other organizations which require constant supervision and monitoring of availability and proper operation of systems in view of how they conduct business and its dependence on the IT infrastructure.

Please feel free to contact us, if your Company:

  • is not able to provide 24-hour monitoring, or it is not commercially reasonable to establish a dedicated monitoring unit
  • conducts business focused on high availability services
  • requires professional monitoring developed on the basis of the know-how and experience of our specialists
  • requires a quick response to a failure or cannot allow it happen
  • requires minimizing the costs related to downtime due to infrastructure failures
  • wants to implement efficient capacity management monitoring (the controlled use of the IT infrastructure resources) in its organization which will make it possible to analyze the TCO for infrastructure.


  • defining the business and functional requirements of the project
  • analysis of the business processes taking place in the organization in the area of sales, customer service and marketing
  • preparation of pre-implementation analysis
  • delivery of licences and the infrastructure needed to launch the service
  • implementation according to the analytical documentation
  • implementation assistance
  • training of users
  • post-implementation assistance

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  • client premises throughout Poland
  • Aplitt Data Centers
  • remotely



  • consulting
  • implementation
  • maintenance and optimization
  • monitoring




 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • increasing the level of security and stability of conducting business
  • reducing the risk of loss, or temporary lack of access to data
  • informing about the occurrence of potential factors which are likely to lead to a failure (proactive monitoring)
  • monitoring to cover not only the physical environment, but also services provided by applications or network infrastructure monitoring

 komfort COMFORT
  • professional and comprehensive approach to the solution, backed up by experience gained with a large infrastructure (currently our team monitors approximately 1000 servers)
  • optimal use of the company’s own human resources
  • supervision of the quality of the IT operation
  • an integrated reporting system (actions taken by staff members are fully documented)

 komfort COSTS
  • reducing the costs related to development or extension of the monitoring environment
  • change of the allocation of the costs related to maintenance of the environment from CAPEX to OPEX
  • reduction of costs resulting from a failure of the infrastructure, or lack of access to the service
  • reduction of costs related to the need to ensure the adequate amount of resources necessary to provide the service within the company’s own monitoring environment

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