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Active Directory


Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services is a tool used, inter alia, for the centralized identity and authentication management and defining the rules for access to resources in corporate networks based on Windows systems. 


The service is addressed to companies, local government institutions, public administration units and other organizations seeking support in carrying out a consulting or implementation project related to the Active Directory centralized identity and authentication management service.

Please feel free to contact us, if your Company:

  • does not have a centralized authentication and identity management solution to ensure security of access to data and services
  • has many distributed identity and authentication management systems
  • plans to standardize and centralize the authentication and identity management process to ensure consistent, centrally managed and secure access to data and services in a corporate network
  • plans to effectively establish and implement security policies and restrictions applicable to users, services, servers and workstations
  • puts great emphasis on the security of access to data and services
  • sees and is determined to minimize the risks connected with unauthorized and unattended access to data and services, through appropriate organization, logging of critical events, auditing and constant monitoring of the activity of users
  • wants to entrust the process of implementation or management of the Active Directory service to experienced professionals with knowledge confirmed by the relevant certificates


  • defining the business and functional requirements of the service
  • analytical services related to the preparation of a feasibility study (PoC)
  • overview of the Active Directory infrastructure and the integrated DNS service, when it is necessary to optimize the environment
  • preparing the budget assumptions and implementation schedule
  • supplying hardware and software
  • service configuration in accordance with the prepared assumptions
  • implementing the service in accordance with the accepted work progress and payment schedule
  • implementation assistance
  • post-implementation assistance

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  • client premises throughout Poland
  • Aplitt Data Centers
  • remotely



  • consulting
  • implementation
  • maintenance and optimization
  • monitoring




 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • increasing the level of security and stability of conducting business
  • standardization and enforcement of security policies in the enterprise
  • increasing the security and transparency of the activity of users by logging and archiving events, auditing and continuous monitoring
  • increasing the level of security of access to data and services
  • protecting the infrastructure against unauthorized access

 komfort COMFORT
  • offering uniform and secure authentication to all employees
  • increasing the availability and performance through the use of redundant configurations, along with location in a high availability cloud computing environment or in the client's infrastructure
  • limiting the time and simplifying the change management or updates
  • limiting the time connected with the management of access to resources for groups of users or individual users
  • ability to gain quick access to user data thanks to roaming profiles

 komfort COSTS
  • reducing the cost of administration in respect of identity management
  • reducing the costs related to authentication, access to data and services
  • reducing the costs related to the configuration of workstations, servers and user environment
  • reducing the costs related to having a new computer workstation
  • reducing the costs related to downtime at work, in case of a computer failure, thanks to roaming profiles

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