Supporting services for transaction processing

We provide support for all the necessary processes associated with the processing of payments.

Transaction monitoring and fraudulent transaction handling

Our dedicated team and infrastructure for process of transaction monitoring and fraudulent transaction handling guarantees the highest standard of security. We have the necessary knowledge and experience, we provide professional support and a set of necessary requirements and good practices in this field.


Handling of compliants and chargebacks

We have the tools, experience and resources necessary to handle complaints and chargeback processes for the Client (reversal, chargeback, representment, pre-compliance, compliance, pre-arbitration, arbitration, good faith) in accordance with the regulations of international payment organizations.


24 h/365 Call Center Service

Our professional team can provide a 24h phone service for Clients. The team can provide services such as:

  • -      hotline, first line support,
  • -      resolving transaction authorization problems,
  • -      resolving transaction settlement problems.

The scope of services for the Clients can be agreed to suit individual requirements.


Head Office

Aplitt S.A.
ul. Arkońska 11, 80-387 Gdańsk

KRS number: 0000213059
The Share Capital is  191 610 386 PLN

Phone Numbers

Office: +48 58 782 82 82
Fax: +48 58 511 20 01