Advertising on ATMs

An ATM is used not only for cash withdrawals – it is also an effective advertising medium.

The location of ATMs in numerous places with heavy traffic, ensures broad coverage and effectiveness of advertising. When choosing an advertising site we precisely tailor the ATM location to the type of advertisement to ensure the targeting of the desired customer group.

Our ATMs are located in shopping malls, office buildings, petrol stations, in holiday resorts and along major thoroughfares of large cities.

We offer three types of screens:

The welcome screen –  the ATM in the waiting status for a customer.

The authorization screen – during the time of transaction authorization, when the customer is focused on the messages displayed by the ATM while waiting for cash.

The farewell screen – after receiving the card and cash the farewell messages are displayed which also draw the customer's attention; at this time we can also display your advertisement.

Additionally, advertisements can be placed on the printouts confirming the transaction – on the reverse, we can put any graphics or text which will be collected by the customer together with cash..

We invite you to contact us in order to explore the capabilities and full range of advertising media.

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