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Win trust through relations


Building relations with Customers is a process which has to be carried out with particular attention to every detail, therefore we offer Campaigns aimed at not only the support of sales activities consisting in the Customer opinion survey but also occasional calls playing a role in making the contact with the Interlocutor deeper.

Below three Campaigns are presented:

Nice Call – for those who take care of good relations with Customers

Occasional Call - to effectively raise the level of satisfaction

Claims Handling – a new standard of amicable handling of affairs


Please feel free to contact us if your Company:

  • plans to increase recognizability
  • wants to maintain good contact with the Customer
  • cares about a positive image
  • prioritizes comprehensive solutions and high quality of Customer service


  • determination of business expectations
  • configuration of the ICT facilities
  • preparing training materials
  • preparing conversation scenarios and a dedicated “relational path”
  • monitoring the Service quality and implementation
  • recording and storage of calls
  • a detailed report of actions taken



miejsce realizacji uslugi 


  • relational nature of calls
  • individual handling of cases



  • maintaining long-term, partner relations with customers
  • creating a positive image of the company


Contacting the Customer after closing the transaction has good impact on the level of satisfaction with the service quality.   Thanking for using the services completes the sales process. During such a call the Customer may also be informed of the contact details and be invited to stay in contact in the future. The Consultant may also survey the Customer's opinion on the quality of products and services.  Customers appreciate the words of thanks. The expression of appreciation for establishing, continuing or expanding cooperation is an important stage in building long-term relations.


Occasional calls complement the cycle of the Customer service in an excellent way.

The Customers’ positive perception of birthday, holiday wishes or wishes on other occasions translate to their readiness to talk as part of selling services at a later date.

For the purpose of this Service we propose to prepare a scenario ensuring the conversation to go in a friendly atmosphere.


Out of concern for a good image of our Business Partners we take care that during each contact a Customer, after a call, is satisfied with how the call progressed. We handle complaints with particular attention. On the basis of the gained experience we know that the service quality is the key in case of complaints handling.-more-


 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • two locations which ensure continuity of Service
  • complete reports tailored to your needs (optionally: tailored to the Client’s needs)
  • conversation scenarios reviewed by the Legal Department
  • playback, assessment and storage of recordings to constantly improve the quality

 komfort COMFORT
  • effective form of presentation of the Company
  • positive impact on the brand image
  • relational nature of calls increasing the effectiveness of actions Possibility to define the scope and duration of the
  • Service by Clients themselves
  • consistency of information given to Customers
  • comprehensiveness of the Service

 komfort COSTS
  • possibility to reduce costs significantly
  • transparent billing system
  • training and improvement of qualifications of the Consultants doing the Service included in the project price

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