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We follow the principle: I know what I am saying and I am not saying what I know


Quick and efficient communication is the basis for the proper functioning of the Company.

Hotline is one of the most effective ways of the Customer contact with the Company and it also contributes to the increased brand awareness.

The service is based on the highest quality standards in the Customer service.

With our offer you can specify both days and hours of doing the Service, as well as the scope of information to be given by yourselves and tailor it to your individual needs.

Below three Campaigns are presented:

Information & product - for regular and prospective Clients

Occasional – used in case of promotion actions

Extra/IT Line – support for business and Clients


Please feel free to contact us if your Company:

  • plans to increase recognizability
  • prioritizes comprehensive solutions and high quality of Customer service
  • wants to gain new Customers and become more available for the existing ones


  • determination of business expectations
  • multi-level and fully definable IVR Configuration of the ICT facilities
  • preparing training materials
  • preparing conversation scenarios and a dedicated “relational path”
  • monitoring the Service quality and implementation
  • recording and storage of calls
  • a detailed report of actions taken


miejsce realizacji uslugi 


  • active dialogue and proper identification of needs
  • individual approach to the customer



  • gaining new Customers
  • creating a positive image of the company

aktywny dialog i właściwa identyfikacja potrzeb Klienta


As part of the Campaign we provide regular telephone service to the Customers of your Company. During a telephone call our Consultants give, in a professional way, detailed information and recognize expectations of Customers. Owing to these actions it is possible to propose a specific product meeting the expectations of the individual person.

Our actions are to a large extent targeted at encouraging Customers to avail themselves of the product offer.


As part of the Campaign we provide occasional telephone service to the Customers of your Company.  We guarantee subject-related preparation of Consultants and the possibility to have quick access to information about promotion actions.


As part of the Campaign we provide additional telephone service to the Customers of your Company.The scope of the information provided by our Consultants can be specified by yourselves.

We offer product, information, promotional hotline and IT Line. The latter is an excellent solution where telephone service outside business hours of your Company is necessary.   

An additional advantage that the Campaign gives is the possibility to launch it almost immediately.


 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • two locations which ensure continuity of Service
  • complete reports tailored to your needs (optionally: tailored to the Client’s needs)
  • playback, assessment and storage of recordings to constantly improve the quality

 komfort COMFORT
  • opportunity to gain new Customers Effective form of presentation of the Company
  • positive impact on the brand image
  • relational nature of calls and proper identification of Customer needs increasing the effectiveness of actions
  • possibility to define the scope and duration of the Service by Clients themselves
  • consistency of information given to Customers
  • comprehensiveness of the Service

 komfort COSTS
  • possibility to reduce costs significantly
  • transparent billing system
  • training and improvement of qualifications of the Consultants doing the Service included in the project price

Head Office

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