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The accuracy, updating of Customers’ data on a current basis, and also information about an expanded product offering are significant elements of cooperation for a Business Partner. We can offer the Service of quick verification and supplementation of data which, owing to the available ICT tools, can be implemented in a very short time.

Below three Campaigns are presented:

Change of data – for those who recognize the significance of regular contact with the Customer

Delivery/Promotion – for increasing sales

Change in availability – for Customers’ convenience


Please feel free to contact us if your Company:

  • puts great emphasis on the promptness of action combined with the security of information
  • plans to increase recognizability
  • prioritizes comprehensive solutions and high quality of Customer service
  • wants to gain new Customers and become more available for the existing ones


  • determination of business expectations
  • configuration of the ICT facilities
  • preparing training materials
  • preparing conversation scenarios and a dedicated “relational path”
  • monitoring the Service quality and implementation
  • recording and storage of calls
  • a detailed report of actions taken


miejsce realizacji uslugi 


  • rapid outcome along with good preparation as to the merits
  • positive attitude to the customer



  • increasing the availability
  • creating a positive image of the company


In order to enable contact of Customers with the Business Partner we can offer the Campaign aimed at informing Customers immediately after the change of data. A goal of the Campaign can also be the update of contact details of the company, bank account number, informing about the change of the salesman providing the Customer service.

During a call Consultants may additionally get the relevant marketing consents which will enable the preparation of bases for the occasional marketing actions.


Instant information concerning a delivery or new items in the range of products may increase  demand for the offered goods. In a very short time all or properly selected Customers may be informed of new products available in stock.

A Campaign’s goal may also be to inform about the planned or end of promotions.



Our aim is to ensure that Customers have always up-to-date knowledge of working days and hours of your Company. Therefore, we offer quick informative action, if they change. A short message about changing the opening days and hours of the office on holidays, during maintenance of systems, repairs, etc., is communicated as part of the Service.


 bezpieczenstwo SECURITY
  • two locations which ensure continuity of Service
  • complete reports tailored to your needs (optionally: tailored to the Client’s needs)
  • conversation scenarios reviewed by the Legal Department
  • playback, assessment and storage of recordings to constantly improve the quality

 komfort COMFORT
  • opportunity to gain new Customers
  • effective form of presentation of the Company
  • positive impact on the brand image
  • relational nature of calls and proper identification of Customer needs increasing the effectiveness of actions 
  • possibility to define the scope and duration of the Service by Clients themselves
  • consistency of information given to Customers
  • comprehensiveness of the Service

 komfort COSTS
  • low cost of the Service
  • transparent billing system
  • training and improvement of qualifications of the Consultants doing the Service included in the project price

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